Current: DrillScan

Project manager for casing design simulation software. Wrote the scope of work for casing design software as well as defined the necessary UI, database and science. Personally developed science for well-head growth and tubing-packer forces (anchored/landed/free). Managed integration and budget of an advanced thermal simulation model (including Annular Pressure Build-up and slug flow). Prepared training on casing design.

Project manager for well planning software. Personally developed minimum curvature trajectory creation (Position at Target Defined and Position and Direction at Target Defined), well bore uncertainty model, anti-collision, geodesy and geomagnetism.

Experience managing a group of 5 including directing weekly meetings, ensuring team cohesion and managing conflict resolution. Experience of breaking down a scope of work and following integration into and end product. Helped others understand complex problems. Experience performing annual interviews.

Primary author of publication and personally presented at ADIPEC 2017 as a technical speaker.
188861-MS: Wellbore Trajectory Quality Management: A Key Approach to Safe Casing & Completion Strings Deployment in Complex Wells

Co-author of publications:
SPE 183388-MS : Casing Wear and Stiff String Modeling Sensitivity Analysis – The Contribution of DP Pipe-Body and Tool-Joint on Casing Contact
SPE 183386-MS: Systematic Field Validation of New Casing Wear Quantification Process